Password manager for GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOS X and Windows.

DisPass can be used as any traditional password manager, but has one key difference. DisPass does not store your passwords anywhere, so you can never lose them.

It creates strong and unique passphrases formed from a master password and a label (and some optional parameters), helping you get rid of the bad habit of using a single password for multiple websites.

Dispass is a console application, but also has a simple graphical interface.

Latest release

DisPass 0.3.0 released March 18th, 2016

Development version

DisPass (git-master) currently in Github / Bitbucket

Older Releases

DisPass 0.2.0 released April 16th, 2013

DisPass 0.1-alpha-8 released June 21st, 2012

DisPass 0.1-alpha-7 released May 28th, 2012

DisPass 0.1-alpha-6 released May 24th, 2012

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