Quick start

These are quick instructions for the impatient, just wanting to check out DisPass. For full user documentation browse to the next sections.


Download DisPass from the Python Package Index with pip. As root (using sudo), do the following:

sudo pip install dispass

If you are using Archlinux, it is advised to install dispass from the AUR.

Using DisPass for the first time

For this example we will create a passphrase to use for a google account.

  1. Create and save a label google to the labelfile:

    dispass add google
  2. Generate the passphrase for the first time. Since you will need to register the passphrase with google we pass the --verify flag or simply -v so DisPass asks us to verify the password and we can avoid typing errors in the input password while creating the resulting passphrase for the first time:

    dispass generate --verify google

Mini screencast

Checkout the following mini screencast. In this demo the label is added interactively.