Python 3.4 or higher is required for running DisPass. The last version that supports Python 2.7 is DisPass 0.3.0

Using pip to download from the Python Package Index

The recommended way is to download and install the latest stable version directly from the PyPI repository using pip:

pip install --user dispass

This will install the dispass package in $HOME/.local. You can now use dispass by running the dispass and/or gdispass executables.

Upgrade or uninstall with pip

You can easily upgrade to newer versions using pip:

pip install --user -U dispass

If you have installed dispass using pip, you can easily uninstall at any moment by running:

pip uninstall dispass

Zsh completion, freedesktop configuration and logo’s

It is recommended to also install the zsh completion, desktop configuration and logo files. These files are not directly supported in a Windows environment, but can be used under Cygwin.

  1. You can downloading an archive from PyPI or Github.

  2. Extract the archive and change directory.

  3. Then unpack it and install (as root):

    sudo make install-metafiles


    Depending on the type of system, you may have to change some path locations. See the top of the Makefile. You can override them by creating a file.